About Us

Founded in 2002, Armature Group, LLC translates revenue growth lessons learned into best practices methods, tools and technology.

We help entrepreneurs, executives, managers and board members turn struggling companies into thriving businesses that continuously grow and innovate – – in months not years!

Armature Group will create a universally accepted framework for guiding revenue growth that uses a best practice roadmap, methods and tools, as well as executive coaching and training to:

  • Seize control of uncomfortable leadership moments.
  • Turn anemic customer acquisition, cross-selling and win-backs into sustainable revenue growth without wasting time, money, morale and careers!
  • Penetrate new industries and geographies, add new partners, and execute mergers and acquisitions without distracting people from organic revenue growth!
  • Ideate and validate new revenue streams while piloting and launching new products and services without wasting time, money, morale and careers!

As entrepreneurs, executives, advisors, technologists, and investors we will:

  • Connect People – – so their collective knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom can be used to achieve great things.
  • Transmit Energy – – so people are inspired to see the possibilities, seize the initiative, and control the tempo of their efforts.
  • Embrace Friction – – so people can have their voices heard, achieve greater situational awareness, and feel respected.
  • Simplify Complexity – – so people can gain context, know what to do, and execute with passion rather than emotion.
  • Celebrate Inquisitiveness – – so a better way can be found and dreams can be brought to life.