Part 10

Make Analysis and Insights Actionable For Executives, Managers and Employees

Products and Services, Applications, Pricing Models, Competitor Intel, Customer and Industry Intel, Procedures

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Ensure Data Analysis and Recommendations Are Actionable

Data Analysis converts internal and external raw data into actionable insights to improve alignment and decision making including:

  • Predicting future outcomes.
  • Diagnosing problems.
  • Finding the best course of action.
  • Identifying trends and relationships.

Common data analytics include predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic and descriptive analytics. 

Four Steps To Ensure Your Analysis and Recommendations Address Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Step 1

Audit your data table, source integration, and cascading of analysis and insights to executives, managers, and employees. 

Step 2

Measure and Monitor analysis and advice for timeliness, relevance and accuracy to executives, managers and employees.

Step 3

Workshops To Build/Update executive and management alignment and understanding of your analysis and advice procedures.

Step 4

Set-up Alignment Monitoring for changes to plans, forecasts, procedures, data collection that trigger updates to analysis.