Part 12

Prioritize, Synchronize and Plan Process Improvements

Products and Services, Applications, Pricing Models, Competitor Intel, Customer and Industry Intel, Procedures

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Prioritize and Plan Process Improvements

Process Improvements enable managers and employees to take corrective actions and/or implement new processes and technology. It consists of:

  • Defining opportunities for improvement.
  • Reviewing internal and external data and analysis.
  • Prioritizing improvements.
  • Crafting action plans that identify goals, steps, accountability, milestones and completion dates, and key performance indicators.
  • Monitoring completion of action plans.
  • Tracking results of process improvement outcomes after implementation.

Four Steps To Prioritize and Plan Process Improvements To Address Uncomfortable Leadership Moments


We provide the following methods and tools to help you:

  • Recommend process improvements 
  • Facilitate process improvement targeting, and action planning to close gaps.
  • Facilitate process improvement planning meetings (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual).
  • Facilitate accounting meetings to keep process improvements on track.
  • Train executives and managers on process improvement.

Step 1

Audit your process improvement approach. 

Step 2

Measure and Monitor identification, prioritization and action planning, implementation and impact of process improvements. 

Step 3

Workshops To Build/Update executive, managers and employee alignment on process improvement approach. 

Step 4

Set-up Alignment Monitoring of changes to forecasts, plans, procedure, and people management that trigger the need for process improvement.