Part 9

Ensure Data Collection Is Complete, Consistent and Accurate

Products and Services, Applications, Pricing Models, Competitor Intel, Customer and Industry Intel, Procedures

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Requires Complete Data Hierarchies, Consistent Naming Conventions and Accurate Collection

Data Collection provides executives, managers and employees with the details needed to inform their decision-making.

It consists of your:

  • Data category hierarchies and fields
  • Data field naming conventions
  • Compliance with data field completion
  • Data storage and interconnections

Common data hierarchies include products/services, industries, geographies, companies/customers, employees,  departments/processes, and revenue streams.

Four Steps To Ensure Your Data Collection Addresses Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Step 1

Audit your data hierarchies, fields, naming conventions, storage and interconnections. 

Step 2

Facility Executive Workshops  to gain alignment and understanding of your data structure in relationship to decision making quality and speed.

Step 3

Workshops To Build/Update data category hierarchies, fields and naming conventions.

Step 4

Set-up Monitoring of changes to plans, forecasts and procedures that cause changes to data hierarchies, fields and naming conventions.