Part 6

Ensure Technology Enables Employees and Customers

Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Accounting, Planning, HR,

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Your Technology Must Enable Employees and Customers

Deploy Technology Enablers to automate repetitive tasks, streamline manual work activities, continuously improve quality, and produce more output. It consists of:

  • Sales and Marketing – – lead management, sales activity dispositions, proposals, order management
  • Operations – – warehousing, inventory, scheduling, MES, quality, safety and
  • Accounting – – quoting, billing, collections, time tracking, expenses
  • Customer Service – – inquiry ticketing, management, knowledge library, help desk
  • Communications – – phone, email, messaging, chat, fax, mail
  • Collaboration – – screen sharing, project management, shared files
  • Productivity – – calendar, note taking, Office 365, Google Suite,
  • Human Resources

Four Steps To Ensure Your Technology Enablers Address Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Step 1

Assess availability, data structure, integrations, automation, up time, training and adoption by managers and employees.

Step 2

Facilitate Documentation data fields and work activity requirements across processes and departments. 

Step 3

Facilitate Vendor Selection  including identification, evaluation and contracting of vendors. 

Step 4

Set-up Alignment Monitoring of changes to plans, forecasts, procedures, and people that require technology updates.