Part 7

Integrate People Management Practices

Hiring, Onboarding, Performance Evaluation, Training Compensation, Coaching and Succession Planning

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Your People Management Practices Must Be Integrated

Management Practices translate your procedures into manager and employee skill requirements, personal responsibilities, and the foundation for self-accountability. They consist of:

  • Hiring – – hierarchy, features, benefits of your offerings.
  • Employee Onboarding– – how buyers use your offerings.
  • Performance Goals and Evaluation – – item, bundles, discounts, terms and conditions.
  • Compensation, Rewards and Recognition – – prioritization of sub-industries that buy your offerings.
  • Training – – prioritization of where your offerings will be sold.
  • Coaching – – insights, wants and needs by company hierarchy.
  • Career and Leadership Development – – insights, alerts,  positioning, and differentiation

Four Steps To Ensure Your People Management Addresses Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Step 1

Assess management process maps, procedure documents, step-by-steps instructions, policies, and guidelines.

Step 2

Analyze implementation of people management practices for application and consistency.

Step 3

Workshops To Build/Update people management practices.

Step 4

Set-up Alignment Monitoring to identify changes to forecasts, plans, structure, procedures, technology that require updates to practices.