Screen Job Candidates Ability To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Understand executives and managers strategic management knowledge skills before hiring them.

Are You Overestimating The Strategic Management Capability Of Job Candidates?

When hiring executives and managers, its often presumed that candidates possess strong expertise in strategic management including the ability to formulate, execute and evaluate strategy.

We provide you with an independent, third party assessment that helps reduce strategic management risk by assessing job candidates knowledge, skills, and experience before you make them a job offer.

Job Candidate Interviews - In person Interviews

Five Steps To Screen Job Candidates Strategic Management Knowledge, Skills and Experience

Step 1

Resume Review to evaluate their strategic management experience.

Step 2

Social Media Review to evaluate their strategic management experience. .

Step 3

Field Online Questionnaire to gauge their knowledge, skills and experience.

Step 4

Conduct Interview to clarify their strategic management knowledge, skills and experience.

Step 5

Present Report with summary of candidates knowledge, skills and experience plus a career development plan and recommended interview questions.

Are You Looking For An Uncomfortable or Traditional Leader?

  • Embrace Discomfort as a catalyst for growth and innovation.
  • Challenge Conventional Thinking and actively seeks new perspectives and approaches.
  • Willing To Take Risks and explore uncharted territory in pursuit of progress and improvement.
  • Create Tension or discomfort within the team or organization by questioning norms and pushing for change.
  • Value Transparency, Authenticity, and Openness to feedback and dissenting opinions.
  • Encourage Continuous Learning, adaptation, and resilience.
  • Adhere To Conventional Norms and practices.
  • Seek Stability and Predictability at all times.
  • Prefer The Status Quo and sticking to familiar methods and routines.
  • Prioritize Maintaining Harmony and avoiding conflict within the team or organization.
  • Follow Established Hierarchies and procedures without questioning them.
  • Avoid Risk or changes that might disrupt the existing order.
  • Feel Threatened By Feedback and dissenting opinions.
  • Confine Learning within the boundaries of existing norms and traditions.

Regardless of Your Executives and Managers Leadership Style…

Do they possess the Strategic Management knowledge, skills and experience to seize control of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments:

  • Formulating strategy including forecasts, plans, organization structure, and mission, purpose, vision and strategic initiatives?
  • Executing strategy including procedures, people management practices, technology enables, and knowledge transfer?
  • Evaluating strategy including data fields and collection, analysis and recommendations, reporting, and process improvement?

Pricing For Screening Job Candidates Strategic Management Capability

Screening Without Interviews

$1,999/for three candidates
  • Resume Review (up to three job candidates)
  • Social Media Review (up to three job candidates)
  • Online Self-Assessment (up to three job candidates)
  • Individual Job Candidate Summary Report with career development recommendations and follow-up interview questions (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
  • Group Summary Report (up to three job candidates) (Microsoft Word or PowerPoint)
  • Group Summary Review Meeting (30 minutes to one hour)