Part 1

Clarify and Measure Your Strategic Intent

Mission, Core Values, Vision/Audacious Goals and Strategic Initiatives

To Calmly Manage The Cycle of Uncomfortable Leadership Moments Your Strategic Intent Should Be Clear and Measured

Strategic Intent is your company’s reason for being, competitive advantage, behavior guide, and compass for strategic decision-making. It consists of your:

  • Founders Dream – – the original reason for starting your company.
  • Core Ideology – – purpose of the business and values i.e. mission.
  • Audacious Goal – – definition of what success looks like in 5 to 10-years i.e. vision.
  • Competitive Advantage – – the unique market position the company will hold.
  • Strategic Initiatives – – that will drive achievement of your audacious goal.

Four Steps To Ensure Your Strategic Intent Addresses Uncomfortable Leadership Moments

Step 1

Assess executives, managers and board members perception of your mission, core values, vision and strategic initiatives

Step 2

Audit mission, core values, vision, and strategic initiatives documents for completeness, relevancy, and applicability.

Step 3

Workshop To Build/Update your mission, core values, vision, and/or strategic initiatives.

Step 4

Set-up Alignment Monitoring of mission, core values, vision, and strategic initiatives to plans, forecasts and procedures.